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    Anyone can recommend me a regular normal screen protector that can protect the screen without all the fancy (like installation with drop of water which I tried before and oh my, my family handset end up being more crappy)

    something that just sticks the screen and before installation, there is a tab to pull and i line it up

    i prefer a full screen protector that goes all the way to the talk, bb menu, back and the power off button, not just the screen.

    last time I bought one overseas for US$4 but the phone got lost and when I finally recovered the phone, the theft pulled it off. it was best screen protector. It has a brand called Starry, but I search online and can't find it.

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    Water? That would be skinomi right? I have that and I gotta say I'm happy with the results. You probably used way more water than necessary... I have a review on that product.

    ZAGG's product is said to be the best one but it that's too fancy as well, here are a few options...

    Amazon.com: Premium Reusable LCD Mirror Screen Protector for Blackberry Curve 8520: Cell Phones & Service
    Amazon.com: Screen Protector for Blackberry 8520 / 8530 Curve / Clear: Cell Phones & Service
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