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    I thought some may be interested in knowing that the 8830 WE holster (the Blackberry model I have) works very nicely for the Torch.
    I rarely use a holster. I usually have at least one free pocket. When I find myself in need of a holster this one works great.
    The Torch sits snug but not to tight thanks to the flexible sides.
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    PS, they don't come with the bite marks. Those are courtesy of my puppy.
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    10-24-10 12:21 PM
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    That's the one that I am using daily and it works great. I carry the phone screen in and it puts the Torch in sleep mode. I had one left form my Curve 8310 and even ordered an extra off ebay for .99 cents. Don't look as nice as the new Torch holster but you can't beat the price.
    10-24-10 12:44 PM