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    Hello I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for favorite hard, rubberized non-silicone case for the Storm 2.

    I had the Seidio Innocase 360 for my original Storm 1 and loved the fact that it was hard (unlike the flimsy silicone skins) but still had a rubberized feel to it. What I didn't like is that it covered the screen with a protector and made it harder to use.

    Anyone know what might serve my needs the best?
    02-09-10 01:06 PM
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    02-10-10 02:01 PM
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    Get the Otterbox defender case.

    I'm using it. The best part is that they give you a free belt clip.
    How many hard cases come with a belt clip?
    it has to come with a belt clip because there is no way it is fitting comfortably in your pocket, lol. i have never understood why anyone short of a construction worker or demolitions expert needs a case that gives you that much protection. it does it's job but it is just TOO bulky and ruins the look of the phone for me. +1 for epik here! i have had mine for a month and LOVE it. plus, you could buy every color epik offers and still come out cheaper than 1 defender.
    02-10-10 04:13 PM
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    Hello! there are many many(too many? Nawh) cases to choose from, I promised (in another forum, cant find it, Lol) that I would post pics of mine when I received them and give my input!

    well, I had considered Case Mate's Barely there case "Less bulk" nice look; however after reading countless reviews from all over the internet spectrum, I went against it with reports of "no protection, cases not as shown, " and "scratching bezel"(that crossed the line, Lol)

    I then ventured into the OtterBox selection, very nice combination of rubber and plastic - loved the idea, ..on my moms Bold 9000, But I saw flaws after getting it for her. One being - the wee bit if plastic exposed - is a lint magnet. And the rubberized outputs(erm, ..Covering for the dedicated Keys-) were HIGHLY sensitive to ANY pressure, and since her phones on "Tones on" its Beep-Beep-Beep, all the time when its pressed accidentally or pressurized. I think for her though - its okay, but through the Defender and Commuter case I have heared of the Peizo(?) centric buttons being unresponsive due to the tightness of the case(also note: possibly the screen protector).

    Annyhow, I didn't get that(Sorry my advice is based on my own experience) I then went ahead and ordered the Seido Innocase, the reviews were minimal so it was a tough choice and for fear of dissapointing me - I ordered the Case Mate's Smooth Surface(lol).

    I Finalllllyyyy got the cases this morning, and from first glance - very nice cut outs, great smooth feel - neither attract lint and Seido buffied it up by having this white smooth cushioning for added protection, and I would also like to note the case comes off EASILY, just follow the 2 second steps. (I heard of other cases being veerrry difficult).

    The Seido Innocase II(Burgundy mine..) feels great in the hand, it's not overly grippy to get it stuck in your pocket, but it has enough friction to keep it safely in your palm, the cut out buttons(as stated in a review) "...are perfectly angled..." and your access is simple and functional. I looove the color, the "red" Crackberry said it was isn't as shown, its much MUCH more beautiful.

    Now the Case Mate isn't lined, but the way it slides on and off, and its material doesn't worry me whatso ever. It isn't like a hrd plastic but a soft rubber plastic with density, they took a nice approach to the case so it is snug and secure, and the edges are slopped - like your BlackBerry's naked form.

    I shouldn't of bought two as they're so darn nice that I cant decide which to sport! LOL, but if any of those specs are what you're looking for I recommend them. On the other hand if its pure construction durability - try the Defender or Commuter - with the knowledge of past reviews. (Always research - I do!)

    Good Luck!!

    Edit: I also was able to put the Storm2 with the Seido InnocaseII in my Bold 9000 BlackBerry Holster.
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