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    I've purchase a bunch of cases, including the Case-mate Barely There and a bunch of similar cheap hard snap on cases similar to the ones you'd find on eBay. The Case-mate is well made but as many people have reported I find the top piece comes off rather easily and the lower tab props up the slider making it feel bouncy when using the buttons. The generic cheap hard cases have either broke or the rubbery material has started peeling off.

    I'm just wondering about the Seidio Innocase Touch or Mobi Product cases since I can't see any of these at a local store:

    • Do the top pieces of either of these cases hold more snug than the Case-mate Barely There? It seems like every time I reach into my pocket for the Torch the Case-mate top piece has popped off.
    • Do they prop up the slider making it feel bouncy when using the trackpad/buttons?
    • Is the material similar in texture and feel to the Case-mate? That rubbery matte stuff? Does it peel off on the Seidio or Mobi?

    I did find a cheap generic case at a local mall and the material is a good match for the Case-mate. It's just a shame that the top piece started peeling and looks like garbage now. But one cool thing about this case is that it solved my wobble problem. In the pic below, you can see how it grabs on to the Torch. That little tab wedges nicely in between the sliding halves and makes my Torch tight and solid.

    Sometimes I wish I could combine the characteristics of several of these cases into one to make an ultimate case. It seems each of these cases has flaws of one sort or another.
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