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    I have a few questions about batteries:

    I recently purchased the Seidio Innocell Extended Battery 1700mAh OEM Size for my Storm 2. After having it in now for around 1 week I have noticed that I almost seem to get less of a charge out of it. I would normally go to sleep and charge my phone with the original battery in it having 25-30%(or more sometimes) power left. With the Seidio battery I'm lucky sometimes if I make it through the day without having to plug it in the car or let it charge for a little bit. I do leave my WiFi & Bluetooth on(even when not in use) but even before with like the original battery I did that and it never seemed like it went that low. I was for the first 3 days or so letting it drain close to empty(like 5%) and then charge it because I thought I remembered people talking about conditioning the battery that way. So it has left me with a few questions:

    1) How do you "condition" a battery? and does it really help?
    2) Just how much will leaving Bluetooth & WiFi on drain a battery?
    3) Should I think about asking for a replacement Seidio battery after reading this because it doesn't hold a better charge then my original did? or what is your opinion?


    (I do monitor my battery use with MeterBerry & can post screenshots of a days use if that would be of help, just let me know)
    06-19-10 12:05 PM