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    Alright so I'm a little paranoid that if there is something wrong with my curve. When I look at my usb its normal. All the pins are in place nothing is bent but last week I plugged in my phone there was no thunderbolt to show it was charging with 40% power remaining so I had to wiggle it once and it never happened since. Even though it happened once I'm really paranoid there's something wrong with the usb port. Now I am using a charging pod and there would be random times where the light would flicker. Is there something wrong with my usb port or charger. So is it the charger or the port?

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    09-15-09 12:00 AM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    It's just the way it is. Good decision to buy the charging pod, your usb port thanks you for that.

    My usb port won't detect my cable unless there is pressure exerted toward the back of the phone on the plug. I also use a charging pod as much as possible to "save" my usb port for the important things like backup/restores and OS loading/upgrades.

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    09-15-09 12:11 AM
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    ohh alright, so i guess its very common for the port to become that way with long time use then? if its very common i wouldn't be concerned because if it didn't i would think i got a defective device even though i treat it like if it was a newborn baby everyday. but yeah the pod was a good investment. not only is it saving my port but it looks so much better with my curve sitting upright
    09-15-09 01:04 AM
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    I have had the same problem with the last 2 Curve's I've had. Seems like they just kinda get worn out. So what I've been trying to do is leave my old phone plugged in and charge a battery, and then just switch the batteries in and out. I will charge it every now and again, but when it gets really low I change it out.

    That way basically the only time I'm using the USB port is to hook it up to my computer. I would get a charging dock, but I always leave my case on it and it's easier to just pull the case off every couple of days, at most, than every night.
    09-15-09 01:33 AM
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    I still can't figure out why blackberry don't give you a charging pod with the phone knowing that after time the usb port is gonna break. Well I do know why its all a out making the almighty dollar. !

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    09-15-09 04:10 AM
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    Mine died and I didn't have a pod so I had to have it repaired. What a nightmare it was. Took them two weeks and then the sent me a brand new Curve back. Now it charges but I know it is a question of time before it breaks again. Now this device is 2 months old and it does not vibrate anymore. Don't know why. I handle it like a young baby.
    09-15-09 09:27 AM
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    This is usually what we call a cold solder joint, or just a broken solder joint. There is not adequate strain relief for the USB port so if you put any tension on the cable the socket literally breaks from the board.

    Takes about 1 minute to fix in skilled hands at a solder station.

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    09-15-09 09:31 AM
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    Man the charging docks are under $10.00 with shipping. Protect your device... Palm users had the same concerns..
    09-15-09 09:39 AM