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    Decided to try out the 'Podcasts' app in the Media tab of my Torch 9800, it told me that to use it I had to check out the Blackberry Media Sync website, and as far as I could figure out, that was part of Desktop Manager now, in any case.. After some investigating I figured out to use iTunes to download podcasts, add them to a playlist and sync with the phone..

    However, these podcasts appear in the Music app, and can only be seen if I navigate through Playlists, not through genres, etc... And WILL NOT appear in the Podcasts app, just in Music....

    What am I doing wrong?
    05-08-12 11:25 PM
  2. rubiah's Avatar
    PS: I meant Video Podcasts too.... Hence why I asked here.
    05-08-12 11:28 PM