1. fractalise's Avatar
    OK, love my Torch, despite some reviews, definitely the best BBY made yet.

    NOW, i want to get a case, and so far they are few and far between. Finally found a shop that sells it, BUT i think because of the (CHEAP) design, it must keep pushing a button and after a while, the phone virtually locks up

    After a while, I can't use any of the front buttons, and the keyboard responds v v slowly (if at all). Only if I slide out keyboard do a get desktop, but can't do anything else.

    I get a SV icon on the top right (anyone know that is??)

    Only way to get out of it is to pull battery out.

    Anyone shed any light?

    12-14-10 12:52 AM
  2. milldawg's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. I use the OEM Blackberry cases and after being in the case for long, sometimes not so long, the call, BB key, trackpad, ESC and end call keys freeze up. I usually have to open close the keyboard and press alt+aA several times before it unfreezes. Sometimes I have to reboot entirely.

    I know there has been some discussion on other boards and perhaps here about the same. Was just thinking of opening a thread when I saw yours. Perhaps we can here from others.

    I have Pattern Lock, but I'm uninstalling it to see if that has anything to do with it.
    12-14-10 11:23 AM
  3. Dylan255's Avatar
    Not sure if its related but I had similar issues, I had just gotten my Torch and needed a case so I wouldn't drop it or anything like that. I got a case that fit the BB Bolds, it fit the Torch well. But I to started having problems, whenever I would get a phone call and take it out of the case the phone would lock up keyboard, face buttons were not working. I decided to buy the OEM BB 9800 case off Crackberry and the case is nice and no more issues. Hopefully my issue helps other members.
    12-14-10 01:43 PM