1. crownr0yal's Avatar
    I finally broke down and bought the powermat combo for my 9700. $59.99 @ Target, but I work there so with my discount it came out to about 50 bucks. It comes with the battery door and the mat, which sell separately for $39.99 a piece.

    I like it, and it works like it's supposed to, but I think it messes up the overall look of my phone. The battery door wraps around in order to touch the contacts. Fortunately, my case fits. It's a tad snug, but the case is a must, so I made it fit.

    I think I'm going to return it and just get a charging pod because soon I'm going to have a white 9780 and unless there's a white battery door, it won't look good at all.

    I recommend it though! It's so easy to just walk in and set my phone down on the mat and it have it charge. No cords, nothing to plug or unplug.

    Apparently, earlier this year Powermat said they were coming out with batteries so you wouldn't have to buy the doors anymore. I think when those come out, I'll come back to Powermat.

    Off to buy my charging pod for 10% off!
    11-29-10 09:20 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    Great photos!
    11-29-10 09:25 AM