1. theboyk's Avatar
    Is it possible to have the phone ring to the external speaker while the headphones are plugged in? I use my headphones as a "hands free" way of answering the phone, etc. while driving. But, I'm not driving around with the headphones in my ear. But, since they're plugged into the Storm, when the phones rings, it rings through the headphones and I never hear an incoming call. Basically, hoping there's a way to get it to ring to the external speaker while the headphones are plugged in?
    10-28-09 01:34 PM
  2. .Doe's Avatar
    I have the opposite issue. I do NOT want my phone to ring through the speaker, but that's what it does. When I am listening to music on the train, I want it to ring through the headphones. If you have your headphones plugged in, it is usually because you are trying to quietly listen to something, and all sounds should come through the headphones. I would expect that to be the default. But I haven't been able to get it to do that. This is true for texts, emails and calls. In all cases the sound comes through the speaker. I don't see an option to change that, just in holster and out. (Curiously, I've read that for others, this only occurred for phone calls, and text message notification sounds came through the headphones. This is not the case for me.)

    I know this is an old thread, but I was looking for the opposite solution, and maybe someone will stumble in here as I did.


    09-01-10 06:07 PM