1. Andy357's Avatar
    Going to pick up my Torch tuesday. While browsing cases I came across this one on Amazon. Anyone had experience with it? Thoughts or comments appreciated cause I'd hate to get this awesome phone an then put a scratch on it. Lol

    Amazon.com: splash CRUISER Case + Belt Clip Holster for Blackberry 9800 Torch (BLACK): Cell Phones & Accessories: Reviews, Prices & more
    11-13-10 06:03 PM
  2. wassab's Avatar

    No experience with the case but just by looking at it the expose facing might cause some damage to the screen if you accidentally bump into something or in midst of seperating your torch from the case you might fumble the torch and down she goes. If you are belt clip holster deprive like me then I would recommend getting the old 9000 holster. It fits the torch perfectly and going cheap on ebay or second hand. Also, I would not overkill like I did with otterbox commuter and 9000. They both fit like a glove but that push your cost up more but you are sure your torch will be fully secured.

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    11-13-10 06:37 PM