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    I just bought a portable charger, it uses AA batteries to charge your BB. I opened it up, plugged it into my phone, and it was working fine for an hour or so. Then I left it to sit for an hour or two and when I came back to check on it, it wouldnt start up.

    I swapped the batteries with a 2nd bold, and the 2nd one started up no problem, so the battery is fine.

    It wont connect to a computer, and I tried to use the Apploader to get into it, and it will Load JVM and system software, but then it hangs on Waiting for Device to Initialize.

    Any suggestions?!
    02-01-10 06:54 AM
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    02-01-10 10:01 AM
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    Was the blackberry hot? (As in temperature)

    I left my BB in the charger for the daily overnight charge, woke up and it was just blinking red, and they battery door cover was rather hot. So I took out the battery, (didn't attempt to turn it on), and left it out for about two hours, came back, everything cooled down and it worked.

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    02-01-10 10:14 AM
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    I tried both of those links but came up with nothing.

    With the battery out, it will not connect to the computer at all. With the battery in, I can get the PIN UNKNOWN to come up, and I quickly hit next.

    It will then 'Load JVM & System Software' but then it hangs on 'Wait for Device Initialization' until apploader pops up an error saying it can no longer connect to my device and to reconnect it and hit retry. I try that a few times but it never initializes.

    Its been a couple days now so the battery and unit have long since cooled if that was the problem, and I even swapped out the battery for a good one (and tested the old one which works on a different bold).

    I think the phone may be a lost cause at this point
    02-02-10 06:28 AM
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    Hello guys, I've recently bought a portable charger with 4.8-6.0v output voltage. My bold 9000 original charger output is 5v. So is it safe to use my portable charger for my bold? Or can it damage my phone? Thanks
    07-18-10 09:21 PM