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    I was hesitant on ordering the Otterbox Defender for my Playbook because I love the sleek look and size of the Playbook without any case, but I decided to pull the trigger in order to protect my investment. For anyone considering this purchase, here are my pros and cons after a couple days of use:

    - Touch screen is very responsive, previously I had the Zagg installed and I found that it reduced the accuracy of the screen, this was not the case with the Otterbox.
    - I was worried the case would add too much bulk to the Playbook, but it actually has a more comfortable feel to it.
    - The built in screen protector is very nice and does not distort the screen at all.
    - Of course, the protection added is the biggest pro.
    - Customer service is top notche, in all the years I have had their products I have never had one issue that was not resolved in a timely manner.

    - The separate piece for the back of the case is a nice add on, but it feels cheap and it is difficult to set up.
    - The silicone jacket attracts dust and lint, but on the other side, it cleans off easily.

    In summary, the case is top notch and I prefer it over the Zagg Invisishield/Incipio Silicrilic combo that I had previously used. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants the extra protection. Don't let the fear of the increase in size after installing this case prevent you from purchasing it, the added size is actually a plus for me because it now feels more comfortable to use and carry.
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    03-03-12 12:22 PM
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    Good review. Thanks.
    03-08-12 11:58 PM
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    thanks for the review! otterbox always deliver gd product!
    03-09-12 12:29 PM
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    nice review!!!
    03-18-12 08:15 PM
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    Thanks for the review MSusser; I'm looking for something tough and full protection to possibly deploy.

    Do you find this protects at all against any type of fluids?
    04-11-12 10:25 AM
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    Excellent reviews, thanks for sharing.
    04-14-12 10:19 PM
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    Just bought the Otterbox for the 2nd Playbook in the house, which I bought for kids. Hence need for protection.

    I agree mostly with OP. Just wish to add a few things.

    1. Built-in screen protector does interfere screen sensitivity but just a little. I did not notice until playing Sketch w friends. Minor annoyance but still a good feature given much needed protection from all sorts of fluid kids can throw at PB.

    2. Solid as a tank. The outer rubber layer is better made (in terms of fitting) than that of an Otterbox Defender case for my wife's iphone, which is a little loose. Also, the iphone case has fiber lining between the hard shell and phone to avoid scratching the phone but those tiny hairs come off since Day 1. The PB case uses foam-like lining. Definitely an improvement.

    3. I hope it can be slightly lighter but hey it is Otterbox.

    4. The detachable shield fits better than I thought. in relative terms however, it does not fit as well when at front. Primarily because of plastic-to-plastic mating when at front ie. shield contacts hard plastic bezel. When at back, it mates with soft rubber.

    All in all a great case second to none in the rugged cases dept. In where I live, I paid 50% more than typical US retail price but no regret.


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    04-15-12 08:02 AM
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    Does it interfere with gestures?
    04-15-12 07:21 PM
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    Does it interfere with gestures?

    Yes, but only by a little as depicted at pt.1. In my hand, perhaps a 3% degradation if I were to quantify but my son had a bit of trouble with his wet fingers.

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    04-16-12 12:54 AM