1. cloudberry's Avatar
    i just bought Bold 9700 2 days ago, and straight away use plastic silicon case. i didnt know that the problem is with the silicon case. some function not working like :

    1. alt+shift+del
    2. alt+shift+h
    3. if i want to press 1, have to press alt then 1, cant be together
    4. right convinience key not working

    thought i got a reject gadget, so i return to the shop, they downgrade it to because the seller said it's the stabilize version so far. when they do it, they took out the plastic case. i did some test, and voila, all back to normal, including the keylock application (this one because of the downgrade version). when i put the plastic case back, same **** happened.

    why this thing happening? i find it very strange
    06-01-10 04:40 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Blaming it on a Silicon case??? It works without the case??? Very strange... silicone cases should not cause the problems you described... have you thought about buying a different case... maybe a non-silicone case????
    06-01-10 07:43 AM
  3. cloudberry's Avatar
    yup...i change to different plastic case, work fine....strange huh? it's working just fine now. but i still cant figure it out why the first silicone case cause a problem
    06-01-10 02:47 PM