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    Hi guys

    Here is a great new site for BBM users to get tons of animated and hidden BBM pictures. There is also a fancy BBM name generator and much more.

    Pimp My BBM - Free Emoticons, Animated and Hidden Avatars for Your BlackBerry Messenger

    Hope you'll enjoy.
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    04-28-12 05:44 AM
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    This actually looks pretty nice. Thanks!
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    05-05-12 01:56 PM
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    Lovely thanks for the share!
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    05-05-12 02:02 PM
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    Thanks for the link ...

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    05-14-12 05:42 PM
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    checking it out !!
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    05-28-12 08:07 AM
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    Hey guys, thank you so much for linking to our site!

    We are constantly updating with fresh avatars, so check us out often!
    05-31-12 03:36 PM
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    01-19-13 01:21 AM