1. dr_myles's Avatar
    quick question, i took some pictures on my torch and want to set them as my wallpaper, but when i choose to set them i go back to my homescreen and the wallpaper is a small portion of the picture like the far left corner, i was wondering how to change it to make the whole picture my wallpaper
    any help is appreciated
    thank you
    11-05-10 03:22 PM
  2. jeffreii's Avatar
    Go to the home screen, hit the BB button, press options. Go to change wallpaper.

    Go to the picture you want and hold it in portrait and press set as wallpaper.

    Check out the results.

    Then, do the same thing except this time turn the picture to landscape before setting it as wallpaper.

    See the difference?
    11-05-10 05:04 PM