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    I did some searches and this message appears that it can come up for many reasons. I have never done much on my storm but today I endeavored to learn and commit to simply add a wallpaper.

    I went to the download section, picked the most popular wallpaper which was "Storm Approaching" at just 108kb. I emailed it to my phone, I opened the attachment. I then clicked options, save and clicked the box, "set to wallpaper" and then clicked save. As soon as I clicked the save key, it offers to overwrite the existing wallpaper. When I click "yes", it then returns the message, "The requested page was too large to deliver to the device".

    I've sent and saved several ringtones successfully. I have a feeling it has something to do with this specific image.

    Okay, so I'm looking for some suggestions on where to start. Many thanks.
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    10-02-10 05:14 PM
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    So much for my first post. Well, I guess I will try some other wallpaper then and see it it is just a specific image issue.
    10-04-10 02:24 PM
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    When you saved the image, did it save in your pictures folder? When you selected "Set as Wallpaper" again was it while viewing the wallpaper from your pictures folder?
    10-04-10 03:14 PM
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    Honestly, I don't remember. I know that it was displaying a small picture. I went back and got the second favorite wallpaper and it worked perfect the first time. Thanks for trying to help there valorian.
    10-04-10 09:47 PM
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    Thanks for your necessary information.
    11-23-10 12:40 PM