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    I purchased an Otterbox as a replacement for the stock Blackberry case because the Blackberry case did not have openings to charge the phone while in the case and the otterbox did. I noticed that when I used the otterbox the keyboard and many of the buttons on the phone stopped working and the phone locked up. It only happened when I put the case on the bottom of the phone. At the same time of this order I placed an order for the Seido case because it was a holster case. I got the Seido case last Friday. Shortly afterwards I noticed the same problem. I now have several questions.

    1. Has anyone seen this problem?
    2. I suspect that the issue is now the phone and not the case(s) themselves. Does this make sense?
    3. Should I take the phone down to an ATT service center and get a new phone?
    4. Is there a holster/protective case that will solve protect my case but not mess up my phone?

    12-20-10 02:38 PM
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    There was a topic about it. Read this, hope it helps.

    12-20-10 02:48 PM