1. HUTCH66's Avatar
    I recently purchased the Otterbox Commuter for my 9330 and have been having major issues installing the screen protector. It looks like crap with the air bubbles and no matter how slow and careful I put it on the results are the same which leads me to ask this question,is the screen protector really necessary? Don't get me wrong, if it went on smooth I would be using it now but it won't so I am questioning this. I had the Otterbox Defender for my 9700 and found it to be to bulky and always liked the look of the Commuter. Does anyone have any input on this or possibly a solution to getting the screen protector on so it looks good? Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.
    10-27-10 02:36 PM
  2. voltaire's Avatar
    I've had problems with many but didnt have a problem with clairevue screen protectors. You need to be in a dust free environment (good luck if you're a single guy), I did it in my shower, you wipe it down with this towellete and apply. Very simply and not a bubble.
    10-27-10 08:12 PM
  3. garyf33's Avatar
    I started out with the Otterbox commuter case and had no issues installing the screen protector, but after using the commuter case for awhile I ended up purchasing the Otterbox Defenter case and use that all the time and left the screen protector on.
    10-28-10 05:55 AM