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    On the way home on Tuesday I stopped at the Verizon store and bought a Otterbox defender case for my 9650. I had the Otterbox Defender for my iPhones(2G and 3GS) and Blackberry 8820 when I was with AT&T and I liked the way the cases were made(peace of mind there)

    This case looks and feels as well made as my past ones except for the clear plastic membrane that covers the keyboard. I was not a real big fan of the one that was on the 88XX series but it worked at least. The one for this case and phone sucks. Unlike the 8820 the 9650 has a rubbery plastic finish on the battery cover and that causes the back tabs to not stick well (for those that don't know the membrane has 3 tabs that go around the back of the phone and overlap to keep the thing attached to the phone)

    this caused it to be a pain trying to line it up on the keys. Once i got it in the case I discovered ether due to manufacture defect of the membrane or the fact that it was not seated right but trying to type on the phone with it on felt like you were trying to text on the keypad of a microwave(that recessed plastic feel)

    I simply wound up tossing the plastic membrane in the trash can and use it with the keyboard naked.

    Do most of you folks with otterbox defenders for this phone use that plastic protective keyboard membrane or discard it? Will it hurt the phone to not use it? I figure it will not matter not to have it on but right after reading about buttons that chip under normal use I wonder.

    11-11-10 04:34 PM
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    The other thing I wanted to know was is there two different Defender cases for the 9650? The ones at Verizon have a red button on the one side (I guess to denote PTT on the Verizon version of the 9650) but I saw one at Bestbuy and also on the otterbox site that has all black buttons on the side and no red button.

    Could the cases be made differently? I really don't like the look of the red button

    Thanks again
    11-11-10 04:39 PM
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    I know what you are saying about the membrane. However, even though it isn't seated exactly right, its close enough on my keyboard that it doesn't bother me. I will be keeping mine on because I like the extra protection against moisture also.

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    11-11-10 04:55 PM
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    I don't use the membrane as it feels sticky to me. Kind a tacky feeling

    Case is good enough for me.
    11-11-10 04:57 PM
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    like sc00bz, I use the membrane. I use and carry the 9650 on outdoor adventures and the extra protection is nice. In addition, I am less worried about the "key paint" wearing off the keys which some folks have complained about.
    11-11-10 06:51 PM
  6. i_hiker's Avatar
    I bought the same case at the VZW store and have no problem with the membrane. There is a "dot" on the membrane that lines up with the "dot" on the D. The tabs work to give the membrane a snug fit, once you line it up with the keyboard. I also like the added protection and this case seems to provide the ultimate protection...on and off the trail.

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    11-12-10 05:13 PM
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    I use the plastic keyboard membrane. It fits better once it's on and been used a day or so. It shapes itself to the keys perfectly.

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    11-12-10 08:44 PM
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    I also use my Defender membrane-less. No problems with it lining up. I just didn't like the feel. Keypad on a cheap microwave where the plastic is starting to bubble up and peel is right on.
    11-13-10 09:11 PM
  9. melandcleve's Avatar
    I turn off my BB and then make sure the lines are perfect on the keyboard cover membrane and then push it and rub it really hard...It kind of adheres it to the keyboard...I have gotten so used to typing with it on now that I feel funny taking it off to use it...lol...
    11-14-10 06:59 AM