1. ItalianRacer's Avatar
    Right, I bought the Otterbox Commuter Series for my Blackberry Curve 8520 and I was shocked to see that there was what looked like an error from the company.


    What I have posted in picture number one is what silicone case I was given.

    Picture number two is showing the back of the Curve 8520.

    As you can see, there is an obvious misfit. The hole is on the wrong side, and so the slit is opening to the back of the BB where nothing is located. Also, the side holes and top holes do not match either.

    The hard Otterbox shell is correct, it covers the right portions of the phone while leaving the hole open for the camera.

    I bought the right packaging, it clearly says 8520 on the package, I've double checked my BB model, and the hard shell matches.

    Was this an error on their part? I tried calling their hotline but it was really odd; they told me to leave a message and when I did, they never got back to me all throughout the day.

    I'm going to bring it back to Best Buy in a couple of hours, tell them what happened, and exchange it for another 8520 Otterbox to see if perhaps I just picked up a faulty package.

    Is this the route I should take?
    06-26-10 09:30 AM
  2. Totalimmortal363's Avatar
    Most liklely the case was purchased once, and then returned with the wrong gel inside. Take it back to where you bought it.
    06-26-10 10:19 AM
  3. ItalianRacer's Avatar
    I was thinking that as well....do you think someone stole the Otterbox gel and replaced it with a cheap $5 silicone? The case is branded with Blackberry, and Otterbox is a separate company, so that was a little suspicious to me.

    I'm going back to Best Buy in an hour or so.
    06-26-10 10:20 AM
  4. kolonji's Avatar
    I see people pulling open case packaging in Best Buy all the time .. lol .. More than likely someone switched it on ya .. double check your new one at the store ..
    06-26-10 10:38 AM
  5. ItalianRacer's Avatar
    I thought as much, especially because in my opinion the Otterbox is poorly sealed. It opens without any trouble and seals back good as new the exact same way.

    What if they don't believe me and think I was the one who scammed?
    06-26-10 10:50 AM
  6. ItalianRacer's Avatar
    Any other suggestions?
    06-26-10 11:22 AM
  7. ItalianRacer's Avatar
    UPDATE: It was tampered with and I brought it back to Best Buy and got a new Otterbox! Applied it and I love it.
    06-26-10 01:36 PM