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    So, I bought a privacy screen protector from Amazon, and having never put on a screen protector before, screwed it up ha ha. And I had seen an OtterBox case at a local store which I had thought was the Defender, but it was actually the Impact. So I paid $20USD and bought it, I was thinking it be better be worth $20 for a silicone case and screen protector.

    I put this screen protector on flawlessly, unless you look at the edge of the protector you cannot see it. I put the phone in the case, which was a lot easier than the silicone case I had bought for my 8520 a while back. I even took it out, which was also nice and easy. I also liked that the case wasn't "sticky." It just feels solid.

    It doesn't feel like it bulks up the phone at all, just a nice sturdy case. The best part is, it slides in and out of my jeans pockets easily enough. Just a slight catch from the silicone, but not stopping and pulling the phone out like on the one for my 8520.

    So after just under 24 hours with this case, I really like it, I would highly recommend it, and I am at all displeased that I paid $20 for it, this is by far the most expensive yet the best thing I have ever bought for any phone I have ever had, but hey, the 9700 is worth it ha ha.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what I thought I thought of the OtterBox Impact case. It really is just a quality case.

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    09-05-10 11:00 AM
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    I have the Defender for my 9700. It was well worth the investment. I don't care for the holster of the Defender as my phone has hit concrete and pavement more time because it fell out of the holster or because of it tore my purse strap (on two different purses).
    09-05-10 11:04 AM
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    Extra protection in a crowd or on a bike (motorcycle or peddal).

    Saved me twice now.

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    09-05-10 12:19 PM
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    I feel that the commuter is the raining champ of the three immediate choices. (defender, commuter, impact) Defender is big and bulky, but protects beyond comprehension. Impact is too rubbery, sticks to the inside of your pockets and sometimes comes out of pocket with a lint ball sidekick. Commuter is engaged in both apsects of protection. can take a moderate drop and slides in and out of a pocket with ease. Otter Products are #1 one, the only question in my mind is; which one?
    09-10-10 11:00 AM