06-23-10 01:51 AM
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  1. jfishin's Avatar
    I have a Defender on my 8530 Curve ,, love the protection but everyone says they are having difficulty hearing me? I removed the case and the tranmission cleared up? Sure appears the case if muffling the mic?
    06-16-10 06:06 AM
  2. bb.exe's Avatar
    I have a defender for the 9700. Everything is good except for the holster. Its a design flaw. Its not very secure and I had it fell out on a number of occasions.

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    06-16-10 01:27 PM
  3. RobCapt3's Avatar
    I have the Defender also for my 9700.I had one before for my Curve, had good luck with the product and Customer Service. I got mine for the 9700 in jan. and probably mid-march, the holster broke. One of the arms that holds the phone broke off. As I figured, 1 phone call, had a new holster on the way. Couldn't have asked for anything more. I do admit that I'm not crazy about the new design.

    Today, the holster broke again, in the same spot as the last one. I called again and the CS lady's first question was "what kind of phone?" When I told her, she immediately apologized because they know that they have a problem with those holsters. She offered to send me 2 replacements in the event it breaks again. She also told me that a redesign if definitely being considered and that I should keep checking back.
    06-16-10 07:28 PM
  4. TheQ805's Avatar
    One of my coworkers has the defender case for the 9700 and wow is that thing protective. Apparently the cover for the keyboard has a good feel to it without losing accuracy or feedback.

    I know another guy too who's otterbox defender saved his 9700 from water damage nightmare.
    06-23-10 01:51 AM
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