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    I don't post on forums very often but I thought I would share about these. I had looked this up prior to purchasing the case and thought that it would not work, but it does!

    I have the 9650 Bold with the Seidio 2600 mAh battery. On the bottom of the inside layer of the Defender case is a small round pad where the mic hole is. I had to remove this as it kept blocking my mic. All I did was make sure the top of the phone was inside the top of the case snuggly and then I started snapping on the case. I found that the left side snaps seem to be much stronger than the right so I snap the right side first. It will snap completely shut with no problem and then you can put the outside layer on.

    After dropping it a few times I realized that the bottom right corner would come unsnapped every time it was dropped. It was easy to re-snap but I wasn't sure if that was compromising the protection so I took a 1in by 1/4in piece of gorilla tape and placed it over the seam along the bottom right corner. Now it stays together even after drops.

    I thought I would post this since I had thought it would never work.
    04-25-11 09:44 PM