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    Guys, I need your help for this:

    I already have the Otterbox Commuter Case for my Bold 9700, and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm also planning to order their upcoming Defender Case once it is available.

    But suddenly, I found myself having second thoughts. The reason for this is because I found out that Case-Mate had released their Signature Case & Holster Combo for the 9700, and I'm really digging its "formal" look...

    I have both the Otterbox Defender Case and the Case-Mate Signature Case & Holster Combo for my 8820. After almost a year and a half, the Defender case is still in perfect condition while the Case-Mate was already retired around 3 months ago due to a broken holster clip. That holster clip was the earlier model, and I can see from the pictures on Case-Mate's website that they are using a new type of holster clip for the 9700.

    I am sure that the Defender Case for the 9700 will last for a very long time. I can attest to that fact myself due to the aforementioned 8820's example. IMO, it is simply the best that money can buy, protection-wise. But I find myself coming back again and again to the Case-Mate's website, just to look again to that case. Although it may not give the level of protection that only the Defender can give, I think it is more suited to an almost everyday use. The napa leather on the case as well as the holster really adds to that that classy, refined, elegant, and as mentioned - formal look...

    Any opinions which should I choose?

    NOTE: I am also prepared ordering both of them when it comes to that. I just want to have your opinions first...
    12-22-09 09:33 AM
  2. vinny jr's Avatar
    I have the casemate for my pearl and just ordered it for my 9700. It is in my opinion the best case made for the phone. Very classy looking plus gives the phone a very good feeling in your hand. The otterbox is a great case but more suited for a construction site then just around town. Both are top of the line but I prefer the case mate signature series with the holster.

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    12-22-09 10:48 AM