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    I thought I would share a mini-review on these 2 cases that just arrived today for my Blackberry Tour.

    I got the Seidio Innocase II as a replacement for a defective Innocase I. The Seidio Innocase II is way better than the original Innocase it replaced. Very easy to put on, but kind of difficult to take off. Does not interfere with typing as much as the original.

    The Otterbox seems much more substantial than the Innocase II but not any more bulky. I really like this case. My only gripe about the Otterbox is the charging port is really tight, but I can live with it. Probably going to use the Otterbox more than the Seidio for a while.

    Both fit into my OEM holster (and the sleeper function works fine for both cases) which I had been using for a couple of months with the Seidio Innocase I.
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    11-20-09 03:08 PM
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    I do not see how you can say the commuter is not anymore bulky than the innocase 2. The innocase is pretty form fitting and about a 1mm think....the otterbox case is bigger than 1 mm. Just a thought...how about some pictures hehe
    01-01-10 05:41 PM
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    The one thing that I disliked about my Commuter case was the lint. Also the LED light was almost covered. Really wanted to try the Innocase, but can't pull the trigger.
    03-27-11 03:39 PM