1. tsmallmon's Avatar
    Which is the best case for a 9630 Tour? OtterBox Commuter or Body Glove Snap-on case?

    10-31-09 10:04 AM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    This is going to depend on personal preference. Both cases are very good, and highly rated, just depends more on what exactly you want.

    I have personally always gone with Seidio products
    10-31-09 10:06 AM
  3. mcgeorge-ucsd's Avatar
    I have the otterbox commuter and I LOVE IT. since owning it, i've dropped my phone twice (once from a high coffee table), and my tour suffered no damage. the case looks and feels great in your hand. i've heard of other hard cases that end up scratching your phone. with the commuter, the rubber/silicone layer wraps around your phone, and the hard shell is placed over the rubber, so you don't have to worry about the case scratching up your phone. the case fits perfectly and all the buttons work flawlessly with one exception, which has been well documented in these forums. the opening over the charger port is too small, which causes your charger to slip off. to fix this, i used an exacto knife to cut away a small piece of the rubber. aside from that one minor design flaw, the otterbox commuter is perfect
    11-01-09 02:12 AM
  4. bearkat38's Avatar
    I've never been a fan of Body Glove snap on cases. I would definitely recommend the Otterbox though.
    11-01-09 02:32 AM
  5. firefighter71's Avatar
    11-05-09 09:58 AM
  6. numcrunch's Avatar
    I got the Body Glove. I have never used the Otter. Difficult to compare, however the Body Glove is a tight fitting, solid feel case. It is tactile in all the right spots while smooth where it can be to slide easily in and out of your pocket. It has no screen protector so I just added on separately - the stick on, privacy type. Comes with a belt clip. Works great!
    12-17-09 04:07 PM
  7. Hockeypuck55's Avatar
    I have the otterbox commuter and love it. Highly recommended
    12-17-09 09:28 PM