1. lakersfreak's Avatar
    Ive already spent $50 and still haven't found the right case for my torch. Does anyone have the Otterbox case? Is it bulky? I bought another case from ATT store that looked like the OtterBox but was horrible. I had to use to hands to slide phone up and down. If you have ottherbox please give us your opinion and post pics!
    08-20-10 01:59 AM
  2. Shaun1215's Avatar
    Hi, I bought my wife the otterbox case because we own a daycare and her phone gets abused all day long. She loves it and the case is very durable. It has the rubber button covers on it too so it seems like it would be pretty resistant to water. I have an AGF case for mine, hers is a little more bulky but she needs one with that type of protection.

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    08-20-10 08:11 AM
  3. Altarocks's Avatar
    I bought the Otterbox for my torch. It's like buying shoes online - tough to know what it will feel like until you try the real thing. I visited an AT&T store since they let you open them up and try them on. Compared the OtterBox to three other brands they had. OtterBox far exceeded the others. Close, solid fit with easy access to buttons. Some of the others simply had cutouts for the side buttons, which made them recessed and not easily accessible. One brand had a slide cover that impeded the slide function.

    Only two drawbacks: I always find myself inadvertantly pushing the screen lock button. Not too big a deal. Bigger gripe is that the case seems a bit slippery. I ordered a sheet of egrips, which should make the problem disappear.
    08-20-10 09:00 AM
  4. lakersfreak's Avatar
    ok pushing the screen lock can be a problem> thats what was happening with one of the cases I bought from ATT store. My phone kept shutting off cause it would touch the lock button and it drove me crazy! So the Otterbox does that too? Also does the sliding of the phone work easily with the Otterbox? I had to use two hands with another case I had bought to slide up and down.... also very annoying!
    08-21-10 01:45 AM
  5. Roweazie's Avatar
    check out the video. it doesnt look bulky to me
    08-21-10 02:40 AM
  6. rcalderaro's Avatar
    I have this case and love it. I don't think it is too bulky. The screen slides up very smoothly with no issues. I don't have any problems using the ports or anything. Plus I like the 1 year warranty that it comes with. AT&T said if it breaks, I can bring it back and get a new one even without the receipt since it's in their system that I bought it.
    08-25-10 11:29 AM
  7. Msmari's Avatar
    I hate it! The top part keeps popping off. It gives it great protection but not when that top piece keep coming off. Yes its very bulky. The screen does slides up very smoothly with no issues.
    08-25-10 11:40 AM
  8. stevecaatldr's Avatar
    Ms Marie is right. Take a close look at the top of the case that clips onto the slide portion of the phone. You have a little piece of plastic holding it!

    My top kept coming off. Then the plastic broke off. Cheap piece of itty bitty plastic trying to protect at 499.00 phone!

    Have had Otterbox cases before but they screwed up on this one! Don't but it!
    09-08-10 06:10 PM
  9. stillmoi's Avatar
    it sucks! The top keeps popping off... plus it looks so cheap (poorly design)
    09-14-10 09:50 AM
  10. remlle's Avatar
    it sucks! The top keeps popping off... plus it looks so cheap (poorly design)
    I totally agree. I think its possible the worst case out. the AFG is a nice case but the bottom part by the trackpad is too tall and it makes using the track pad awkward. the casemate cases are nice but the front top clips have broken 2 times on me already.

    Im waiting to see what seidio puts out. they are generaly the best cases to get.
    09-17-10 07:29 AM
  11. trucky's Avatar
    Try dealing direct with Otterbox. I had a problem with the silicone skin not fitting right on mine and contacted them. There were no questions about where or when I bought it and they sent me the new part free, including shipping. Excellent customer service!
    09-20-10 03:22 PM
  12. buddahluvaz8's Avatar
    I got the otterbox case for the torch, it works perfectly, just make sure the silicon case is put on first then the hard cover is carefully slipped on over it. if they are both applied together at once the silicon will fold into the back. It takes a few tries but once you get it its a really good case.
    01-10-11 11:47 AM