10-14-10 09:36 PM
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  1. ajc3designs's Avatar
    Wow, I was planning on using them as my distributor for my webstore.......Belize.....unless you can give me a promise in writing of shipping times then I will not use you and will tell everyone I can not to use you.
    07-31-10 10:03 PM
  2. deadon's Avatar
    A final update for me - I recieved my order from Everything4Blackberry on the 4th day from ordering. Everything was just the way I ordered it and I am delighted with their service.

    Fon(ill)ogix's service is terrible and no excuses, they just dont have good business management practices IMO. They gave me the same dribble about short-staffed, order coming from Hong Kong, we're restructuring our shipping method, it wil ship this week...yada yada. They did at least return my money promptly.

    I will shop from Everything4Blackberry in the future.
    Pretty much the same expirence with fonlogix. Ordered on July 23 on the 24th they already had charged my CC. Tried to call and sat on hold forever, sent email same day but no response. Today still nothing, no parts, no phone call, or response to my email inquiries. After trying to call first thing this morning with no luck I finally called my CC company and had them open a charge dispute, which they were glad to do. Tried one more time to call and finally got through and talked with Deanna and canceled my order. She said my stuff was on back order, when I ask her why they did not notify me about the back order, she said they had to downsize and were struggling to keep up with all the correspondence. (Gee I wonder why)

    Looks like I be giving Everything4Blackberry a try.
    08-02-10 10:32 AM
  3. volcomgirl's Avatar
    So.... I ordered my blackberry 8330 housing and trackball on 6/26/10 along with $30 being taken out of my account. On 7/9, I called asking whether it had actually been sent yet, and of course, "We are sorry, one of your items is on backorder, but we should have our next shipment of those out on 7/14!"...

    It was on 7/26 that I finally got my package in the mail and I was super excited since it took a month, and I took my blackberry apart only to find that my new housing wasnt fitting properly... upon further inspection, I realized they sent me an 8300 case instead of the 8330 case i clearly ordered, even going back to my confirmation email to make sure i wasnt at fault for ordering the wrong phone on accident (there was even a picture of the 8330 housing next to the order summary of my "8330 housing" order)

    Immediately I called and left multiple messages to call me back asap. When I didnt receive any contact from them after 2 days, I called again, this time I made sure it was during their business hours... I expected to be on hold waiting for an available customer service rep, but what I didnt expect was for the hold music to stop after 5 minutes and a creepy robot voice say, "thank you!" and be disconnected. I tried this 26 more times over the next couple of days during their business hours and the same thing.... Finally I just emailed them again...it has now been over a month since ordering and still nothing...

    Any one else getting disconnected after being on hold waiting for someone to answer?

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    08-07-10 11:22 PM
  4. cbanks_80's Avatar
    I ordered LCDs for the Bold and Tour on 4/23/10. It is now 8/9/10 and I cannot even get a response via email and when you call nobody answers the phones. If I do not receive a response today, I will be contacting the State Attorney General's office as well as the BBB.
    08-09-10 03:00 PM
  5. rscverizon's Avatar
    This is the worst company i have dealt with. don't answer their phones, keep
    you on hold for 3-4 minutes , then drop the call. debit you account within a
    couple of days and then never send the merchandise. don't answer emails.
    **** , what's left. don't waste loosing your money. robert
    08-09-10 04:17 PM
  6. rscverizon's Avatar
    i ordered 3 trackballs. my account was debited
    two days after the order was placed . i have still not received any merchandise. they do not answer their phones. they do not answer
    emails. they are a bunch of crooks. do not do
    business with them . robert
    08-09-10 08:07 PM
  7. parked's Avatar
    Maybe the title of this thread should be modified to say "WARNING: Ordering from Fonlogix."
    08-09-10 08:17 PM
  8. BB8330ML's Avatar
    I wish I saw these post prior to ordering my trackball and cover. My order # was 66695 and was placed over 1 month ago. It is unacceptable that any company takes this long to deliver on an internet purchase. They had no problem charging my credit card immediately though.

    08-13-10 03:07 PM
  9. John.P's Avatar
    I'm glad I found this thread before recommending FonLogix - thinking their pricing was reasonable and that they were within the US the parts might be able to arrive a bit faster than somewhere else...

    Sorry that everyone else has had such rotten luck. Obviously very recommended to stay far away!
    08-16-10 12:53 PM
  10. Scoobi_FreeBSD's Avatar
    My order was on 2010/07/25 for an iPhone power button. Card was debited 2010/07/26. Today I've just finished filling out a merchant dispute form, including the 2008 posts from this forum thread. I'll paste my inquiry, their response and my refund request:

    Re: New Order # 67583
    Anthony <scoobi_doo at yahoo.com>
    Add to Contacts
    To: Customer Service <support at fonlogix.us>
    After researching your company on the web and observing over two years of complaints regarding unshipped merchandise, I am requesting a refund and contacting my attorney and the Better Business Bureau. You will be receiving a certified letter to this effect today. If my money is not refunded to my account within 5 business days from today, I will seek legal action against your company up to class action litigation on behalf of the numerous customers who are being scammed by FonLogix. If any merchandise has shipped in fulfillment of this order, it will be refused.


    From: Customer Service <support at fonlogix.us>
    To: Anthony <scoobi_doo at yahoo.com>
    Sent: Thu, August 5, 2010 3:56:12 PM
    Subject: Re: New Order # 67583

    We apologize due to the economy our company had to downsize. We are doing our best to
    complete all our orders for our customers. We are very sorry for the delay . Your order is being process and it will take 7 to 10 days to arrived.
    Sorry for any inconvenience,

    On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Anthony <scoobi_doo at yahoo.com> wrote:

    When will my order ship? I have not received an email in over 10 days since placing the order.


    From: "info@fonlogix.us" <info at fonlogix.us>
    To: Scoobi_doo at yahoo.com
    Sent: Sun, July 25, 2010 4:11:29 PM
    Subject: New Order # 67583
    I am sure the company is making $$$ hand over fist not fulfilling orders. They find it less costly to leave an e-commerce site up with out-of-stock products than to shut the site down and bring everything up to date. They are also relying on noone taking action for a few bucks lost. Has anyone proposed a class-action lawsuit against the company yet?

    08-17-10 11:18 AM
  11. gsaldana71's Avatar
    It's sad to see that people have been using fonlogix. I recently tried to purchase some repair parts (7/12) and still not parts, no answer (phone, email or messages), and no refund. I filed an official complaint in Washington which is where they are supposedly based. I understand they are drop shippers, which means to me that they are a fly by night since anyone can do this. I had bought before from them and they have had a spotty reviews. Such as what I am reading here. I went to their site and they have a facebook link to which I posted on their "discussions" tab which has since been removed so they are aware of the displeasure most people have now towards their site and business practices. I also registered their behavior with sitejabber and would like to keep my crusade going to eliminate this riff raff vendor from the internet completely. I hope those reading this will heed this warning, "DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!" and warn as many others as possible.
    08-18-10 08:37 AM
  12. PacBerry's Avatar
    I made a $44 order July 9 2010 and today is aug 18th 2010 and still have not gotten my order or not been able to get through on phone after calling multiple times and emailed multiple times ......the least they could do is get back to u with a believeable explanation or not take your money until they are ready to ship your products.....I finally made a BBB complaint in Washington ...seems they have lots of complaints against them....does anyone know how to get in touch with the attorny general in washington to make a complaint???? .....plain and simple it is robbery they should be in jail....why does our government allow these people to do business
    08-18-10 12:53 PM
  13. sauermom's Avatar
    I should've check a little better before ordering with this company. They have a 'D' rating from the BBB. I ordered almost 2 weeks ago and have yet to see a part delivered...they've only charged my credit card and confirmed that they have received my order. They do not reply to phone messages or emails. Their toll-free number is ALWAYS busy and they are constantly "assisting other customers" when I call their other published number. Even when I wait them out on hold my call is eventually disconnected. I'm VERY frustrated with them. Stay clear of Fonlogix!!!
    08-19-10 11:12 AM
  14. Scoobi_FreeBSD's Avatar
    My order was on 2010/07/25 for an iPhone power button. Card was debited 2010/07/26. Today I've just finished filling out a merchant dispute form, including the 2008 posts from this forum thread.

    I am sure the company is making $$$ hand over fist not fulfilling orders. They find it less costly to leave an e-commerce site up with out-of-stock products than to shut the site down and bring everything up to date. They are also relying on noone taking action for a few bucks lost. Has anyone proposed a class-action lawsuit against the company yet?

    After sharing my experience with Fonlogix on this forum, I got a call Tue. night from a man who works for the company, not sure what position (interestingly my iPhone lists the number as being in Puerto Rico). He began by saying they have issued a credit for my purchase, then went into a long explanation for several of the issues I raised in my post. Something about manufacturers not shipping stuff until an order was a certain size - I dunno. Since all I cared about was my money, I didn't pay much attention. I thanked him and said I'll wait til my money was received.

    I did receive a credit of the $10.70 USD the next day, so I will retract my claim that they are trying to scam customers. Still it boggles my mind that any company that has been in existence for at least 2 years can allow this many complaints to go unaddressed. I've ordered a rear projection bulb from a different company which took 2 months to fulfill, but that company was responsive and (to my knowledge) honest about the manufacturing problems, even emailing me before I could email them.

    This experience with Fonlogix has changed how I now do online commerce. I will be checking the Better Business Bureau from now on, Googling the company name and reading all the reviews. If Fonlogix is reading this, here's a few tips:

    1. Debit the customer's payment method after the product ships. Amazon does it, several other companies do it, and you won't appear like a thief when the product takes a month to arrive.
    2. Respond immediately to all customer correspondence. Like other customers, I could not reach anyone at the listed phone number. I was on hold for 5 minutes, then disconnected at 12:00 PDT. I re-dialed and got the office hours message. Most customers are very understanding about problems beyond a company's control, if they are told about them quickly.
    3. Notify the customer about any failure to ship as promised. This goes with item 2.

    I have no vendetta against Fonlogix, but I take very seriously anyone's attempt to !@#$% with my property or my money. A month went by with no product and only 1 email from the company. I doubt I would have gotten my money back if I hadn't posted my experience to this forum. I contacted the BBB and my bank before the man called about the refund, I'll have to find out how to update those requests.

    It looks like Fonlogix' website is down now... hopefully they are working on improving their internal business processes and can give their customers a reason to shop there again. I wish them luck...

    Anthony Jenkins
    08-19-10 12:03 PM
  15. krautfed20v's Avatar
    I also ordered something last month, only to have no emails, and no products, today i tried to log on to their website and the front in bold letters says

    "Fonlogix is not currently accepting any new orders at this time."

    I'm assuming they are having problems, and will rectify issues asap. it just pisses me off that i didn't look into this further before ordering.
    08-19-10 12:39 PM
  16. ryerl's Avatar
    So I went to their website and saw that they weren't accepting orders at this time. Sorta bummed. I did call and email. No answer yet.

    The thing is I went to this site less than a year ago I found them and ordered. I received my items next day. They did mix up one item on the order, I called and they sent me the right thing. This could have been this way since it was just a few replacement screens and a couple trackballs. Who knows? Plus it was kind of expensive for the next day but that was the only option.

    So since they are not accepting orders, who else has a bb page with decent prices?
    08-20-10 10:32 AM
  17. sauermom's Avatar
    Ok, they just cancelled my order and credited my account? Fine with me.
    08-20-10 01:07 PM
  18. BigT37's Avatar
    They ARE trying to scam customers - no matter how tiny, no matter how overwhelmed this company might be, NO REPUTABLE company would CANCEL a customers order and THEN charge their account.

    This after MULTIPLE phone calls and emails over the course of more than a month.

    I am going to file a BB complaint, post as many bad reviews as I can, contact as many authorities as I can, and urge everyone else who's been ripped off while they "update" their site or whatever the h*** they are doing, to do the same.

    They have been in business TOO LONG and ripped off TOO MANY people for this to be anything BUT a scam company - the owner,
    (360) 217-4135 NEEDS to be CRIMINALLY CHARGED.

    Hope there's a lawyer out there who smells class action. Think how much money they are making filling orders only 1/2 the time, leaving a FEW valid purchases... and they can maintain the image of a legitimate, if crappy, company while stealing from the rest of us.

    Wonder what kind of $$ walmart could haul in if they only gave the
    product(s) purchased to every other person they rang up at the register.

    If you haven't recieved YOUR order, I suggest you check your credit card statement. I would also CONTINUE to check it for anything that looks suspicious. I hate the idea of this thief having my info.
    08-21-10 02:57 PM
  19. ryerl's Avatar
    So what other sites are available for BB parts
    08-21-10 10:03 PM
  20. tabb212's Avatar
    I ordered a track ball from these guys and after no receiving it I check their website. It states they are no longe accepting orders. I phoned their 888 number and I get a fast busy signal. I then called their direct line and waited on hold till they finally disconnected me. Repeated attempts have all resulted in the same. What gives, is this a legit company or just another couple of guys scamming???
    08-23-10 11:45 AM
  21. OneMission's Avatar
    i made an order 2 1/2 weeks ago before they posted on their website that they weren't currently accepting new orders. i've emailed. i've called. i've left messages for them. i've threatened contacting the BBB. i've done everything imaginable and they STILL haven't tried to contact me by email or by phone call to explain themselves. they charged my credit card the same day as the order and collected the money but haven't done a thing about my order.
    08-24-10 04:04 PM
  22. tfmarsili's Avatar
    Definitely should have read about Fonlogix.us before ordering from them. my complaint lines up with every single other one on this page.. no reply to correspondence, no emails about backorders, every time I call their "office" it says they're "busy helping other customers" (which wouldn't surprise me with how terrible their service is) and then hangs up on me automatically about 5 minutes into holding.

    Additionally, be aware that according to the TRUSTe privacy seal validity check through the TRUSTe website, fonlogix is NOT a registered site in the TRUSTe database as the seal on the fonlogix page otherwise indicates. For all you know, your credit card information could be anywhere.

    Do not order from this company. More importantly, don't let yourself or your friends get sucked into the scam!
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    08-24-10 06:11 PM
  23. dimitri's Avatar
    One of my employees ordered from them and has not gotten any of products but they were quick to take the money the day of the order. It has been now over a month. And as everyone has stated, nobody will answer the phone when you call their number. It seems the only way to get your money back is to file a complaint with the BBB. I think I am going to have to take that route. This is just crazy that we have to go through this.

    I think I just found his Facebook account and sent him a message through Facebook since nobody will answer the phone at fonlogix. I even found his LinkedIn account and the facebook account matches the LinkedIn account. Both are in Omaha, Nebraska.
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    08-25-10 01:23 PM
  24. StellaGirl234's Avatar
    well this totally sucks. after reading this thread I filed a complaint with my credit card company about my seemingly fraudulent purchase.

    as with many of you, i purchased a replacement screen and tools from this company and they immediately charged my card. I got one email that my parts were back ordered, but nothing since.

    if anyone related to this company can help us all out, that would be appreciated.
    08-25-10 01:25 PM
  25. JustPaul's Avatar
    I too wanted to add my 2 cents. I placed an order with Fonlogix for a trackball and after not receiving anything for 2 weeks, tried to contact them. Nothing. I am currently disputing the credit card charge.

    However, I can also wholeheartedly RECOMMEND BlackBerryTrackballs.com. After getting nowhere with Fonlogix I ordered a trackball from them, received it in a couple of days and just this afternoon I sent them an email that I was having some trouble with the "enter" function (pressing the trackball to select). Within an hour they responded and are sending a replacement. Now THAT'S Customer Service!

    Fonlogix = BOO
    BlackBerryTrackballs.com = HOORAY!!
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    08-25-10 04:22 PM
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