10-14-10 09:36 PM
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  1. Fonlogix.us's Avatar
    FonLogix is a major supplier of factory replacement parts for the Blackberry, HTC, LG, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung phones to the US and international markets. FonLogix supplies mobile phone repair parts to repair shops, refurbishing companies, Fortune 100 companies, mobile phone carriers and individual consumers and has over 25,000 satisfied customers. Its warehouse located at 16726 146 St SE, Suite 105, Monroe, Washington has 50,000 products in stock. FonLogix recently moved into a larger warehouse in order to accommodate its growing product line. Remodeling will be completed shortly and walk-ins will once more be welcomed.

    FonLogix offers three shipping options on their website. Website orders are shipped via FedEx for weekday delivery. As the website states, FonLogix requires 24-48 hours to process an order. Orders are processed during office hours from 7 am to 4 pm weekdays Pacific time. FonLogix policy is to ship the entire order at one time so that the small parts are not easily misplaced. FonLogix has a seven day return policy.

    Customers can log into their order online 24 hours per day to check the status of their order. When the order has been shipped the tracking information is posted. Shipping information is also emailed to the customer when the order has been shipped.

    The staff at FonLogix have been in the cell phone business for 20 years and are often able to provide replacement parts that are not available elsewhere. FonLogix has access to special orders through its vast network of suppliers and continues to add new product lines to its website. FonLogix pricing is extremely competitive in an effort to provide consumer products at an affordable price.
    11-30-09 03:07 PM
  2. beta99's Avatar
    I'm glad i did search before ordering, they still seem to have some kinks to workout in...Can anyone recommend an alternate more reliable vendor?
    12-01-09 04:48 PM
  3. daleeman's Avatar
    I can only report what I know.

    - Late in the evening on 12/28/2009 I purchased a bold case kit with overnight shipping.
    - On the 29th, I received confirmation and a FedEx tracking number
    - On the 30th (today) I received my items.

    They may have had problems in the past, but I certainly haven't seen the issues reported.
    12-30-09 04:00 PM
  4. lit.geek's Avatar
    I have a problem with them. Their website said that they could deliver the parts the next day -with overnight shipping prices, of course. It is very urgent so I paid 15 dollars for a 4 dollar order. It has been three days (granted, othe people waited longer) but I paid to have it shipped overnight. After paying they sent an e-mail telling me that I would receive a notice as soon as my order was shipped... I haven't even received that. I called within office hours, but I nly get a voicemail. I don't want to wait any longer, so I might have to report them to BBB and to my card, and hope that it's not too late to disoute the transaction.
    01-07-10 08:34 AM
  5. lit.geek's Avatar
    OK: Order place on Monday... gave it the 24-48 hours to process... no notice of shipment... no customer service representative after calling 3 times within business hours... no hope...
    01-08-10 07:48 PM
  6. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    Hmm this place sounds suspect, but they are the only place online that sells the the 001/111 LCD model for my Blackberry Tour with cracked LCD. Interesting.
    01-22-10 03:29 PM
  7. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    Well I put in an order on Friday and FedEx tracking is showing that my LCD is on the truck and ready to deliver today. They are in Oregon and I am in Maryland: my Blackberry repair is going to proceed!

    Of course the proof is in the pudding so I'll report back once I have the Blackberry LCD in hand and ready to repair.
    01-25-10 08:08 AM
  8. pixlanish's Avatar
    i havent ordered anything but that looks sketchy
    01-25-10 10:12 AM
  9. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    The order arrived about an hour after my last post, we're ready to rock!
    01-25-10 03:29 PM
  10. bbsblazed's Avatar
    Smooth business transaction.

    I placed my order with Fonlogix on 3/2/10 around 2 PM ET
    Received my order today 3/5/10 via USPS priority mail 2-3 day delivery
    (I was not notified of item being shipped)
    Items seem to be in very good condition. I have not swapped housing yet.

    I ordered the following:
    BB trackball ring - black
    BB trackball - black/black
    BB Curve Housing - After market - plum

    That's my experience.
    03-05-10 07:03 PM
  11. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    UGH. This place is a scam. The first order went well but since then it's been a total nightmare. I had to return one of my items and getting an RMA # was like pulling teeth. Then I returned it and I stupidly didn't use a delivery confirmation on the parcel. Well they never got it. How interesting.

    I figured hey, the USPS does sometimes lose stuff. I ordered another LCD on March 4th and six days later, they have yet to ship it.

    Stay away from Fonlogix. They're either a scam site or run by terribly irresponsible people. STAY AWAY.
    03-10-10 08:39 AM
  12. guym's Avatar
    My first order went through without an issue, I received my parts quickly.

    The second time around has not been quite so smooth. I placed my order on 2/26/10 and have yet to receive anything. Emails responses are slow.
    Replies by emails have delayed their shipping dates because they report that the parts are not in stock even though their website says otherwise.

    I am very unhappy at this point.

    I ordered the following:
    B19AA9A BlackBerry Curve 8900 Antenna Cover - Black
    B00AQ9AH BlackBerry Trackball - OEM Curve 8900 / Tour 9630
    B19AH9F BlackBerry Curve 8900 Housing - After Market - Red
    B00AB00 BlackBerry Curve 8900 / Storm / Tour Battery
    B19BD9A BlackBerry Curve 8900 Top Cover - Black
    B19AH9A BlackBerry Curve 8900 Housing - Original
    03-16-10 02:17 PM
  13. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    I hope people check this thread before ordering from them. They are a terrible operation.
    03-16-10 02:21 PM
  14. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    Seeing this thread pop up reminded me to make sure they had refunded me for the purchase they failed to ship and guess what? They never gave me back my money.

    I wonder if we should escalate this to some sort of formal, legal complaint.

    They are based in Monroe, WA I believe.
    03-16-10 02:23 PM
  15. Cross_X's Avatar
    I'm in the weird position with them as well: ordered on the 14th of March, then they printed the label on the 18th 30 minutes after an angry email i sent to them, then still nothing. Tracking didn't change during the weekend, so I sent another email and got a call on Satudray(!) evening from some person named Blaine(not sure about the spelling though), heard a hundred of excuses and the offer that they would get back to me on Monday morning. Nothing happened, so I called them and they're surprised to know something's wrong - they insisted that they did ship the parts on the 18th!!
    After all the lady on the phone said that she'll ship all parts to me today with an overnight service. She also sent me a tracking, and, guess what?-it still says the same thing. I'll probably wait for a day or two, and after that I'll call the bank and say they're scammers and ask to cancel the payment. And probably BBB after that. And I haven't decided what else to do with them, but I want it to hurt them as much as it could. I may even drive to them and have a nice talk in person -I'm not that far.
    03-22-10 09:34 PM
  16. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    They finally processed my refund. He said it could take up to five days to process the refund...I cancelled the order on March 10th and it took until the 22nd to show as refunded with my bank.

    if this thread is tl;dr then STAY AWAY FROM FONLOGIX
    03-23-10 05:50 AM
  17. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    Hey guys I thought about it and not so much from the attitude of trying to hurt them, but more to try to help other Crackberry forum people avoid my pain, I've included a public service announcement in my sig. Feel free to do the same if you've had trouble with this company.
    03-23-10 05:51 AM
  18. TNAWrestling's Avatar
    I have had a not so good experience so far with this company. This is what has been going on so far.

    I placed my order, and received an e-mail about 5 minutes later confirming that they have received my order, and that i will receive another e-mail when my order ships. I did not notice that my item I had ordered was on backorder until i revisited the site the next day. I left a message because their online support was offline. Later the next day, I called the support line and Lauren answered the phone. She checked my order and said they are going to receive more of that part on Friday and Monday. I asked her if it was going to ship on Friday. She said "We're usually good with that, and it probably will." I still have not received an email with any shipping information or tracking number.

    If I don't get any shipping information by Monday night, I'm demanding a refund. If I don't get my refund, there will be **** to pay.
    Last edited by TNAWrestling; 03-27-10 at 07:53 PM.
    03-27-10 05:52 PM
  19. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    I sense some anger on this thread.
    03-27-10 07:28 PM
  20. nthnc's Avatar
    I haven't had ordered from these mentioned companies, but from past experiences, I only pay for things online (from websites I'm unsure about) through PayPal. Their complaint resolution department is fantastic and I've always received my money back when being screwed around by ridiculous and possibly fraudulent companies.
    03-28-10 12:59 PM
  21. nolanbuc's Avatar
    I found this thread right after I ordered something from them. Bummer for me.

    It's not that the order was large, but I need those parts and now I'll have to wait to find out if Fonlogix will come through or if I have to go elsewhere.

    Thanks for the heads up, though. I'll update here if something happens.
    04-20-10 01:29 AM
  22. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    I had tried to post before, right after I posted last, Blane or Blaise or someone called me asking about whatever issues I might be having. He was making an honest effort at reputation management but did more talking than listening and I told him as much. Not sure what's going on with them now for personally I'm continuing to steer clear at the moment.
    04-20-10 10:28 AM
  23. nolanbuc's Avatar
    Update on my situation: Even though two of my items are backordered, Fonlogix billed my credit card for the entire amount. I emailed them to ask about the status of my order, and (to their credit) within hours I recieved a reply telling me when the items will be available and my order will be filled.

    Still not happy about being billed for items they don't even have yet, but at least they communicating with me, so I remain hopeful.
    04-21-10 02:21 AM
  24. nolanbuc's Avatar
    For anyone who's interested, the saga drags on:

    I got another email reply that apologized for the inconvenience and stated that they were waiving the shipping charge to make amends. Still haven't gotten the stuff I've already paid for, but at least they seem to be trying to make it right.
    04-23-10 06:36 AM
  25. OfficeLinebacker's Avatar
    the saga drags on
    If you're new to this thread, this is all you need to know. If you want a drama-free ordering process where you just pay the agreed upon price and get the part in a reasonable time frame, maybe this place is not for you.

    If you want your cell phone repair process to be a "saga," then yeah, this might be perfect.
    04-23-10 08:07 AM
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