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    I got a copy of a stealth guard for my 9650; it didn't specifically say so, but the picture featured looked like the 9650 (except for the trackball). I assumed the picture wasn't up to date, and figured they knew what they were doing, and ordered one.
    Got it in the mail today (Almost $3 for a stamp and envelope for shipping?) It's NOT for the 9650. There's no allowance for the small recess the screen sits in, the cutout for the camera is way off, none of the lines on it that look like they should seperate it into different bits aren't cut deep enough to seperate it. Basically I got a couple big screen protectors.
    I emailed them, hopefully they do have a 9650 version.

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    08-24-10 09:27 PM
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    So what is the problem? You ordered something that was not specifically listed for your 9650, the picture was not of a 9650 but you still assumed it was for a 9650.
    It is no one's fault but your own that it does not fit your 9650. Learn not to assume and you will hopefully not make the same mistake again.
    08-25-10 09:57 PM
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    Voluntarily self censored
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    08-25-10 10:00 PM
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    I mean . no sides taken here .. but, sounds like you ordered the wrong thing .. blame you.
    08-25-10 10:01 PM
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    Well, yeah, but I assumed it was the right thing, and I don't see why I shouldn't expect an online store to label products properly. Perhaps I should have taken more care, but obviously so should have they.
    I'm not sympathy begging here, I figured other people with 9650's would realize they shouldn't order a stealthguard from my post.
    08-25-10 10:07 PM