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    Withdrawn unable to delete
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    11-06-11 09:39 AM
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    Same thing happened to me just now. The entire album appears to be incorrectly attributed, which is too bad because the service is such a promising concept. It still counts against my 50 songs, and I'm not sure how tech support works, since I know for BES/BIS troubleshooting you generally have to pay to speak with a human being ("premium support"). I certainly won't be posting my concerns into the black hole that is the official support forum.

    Oddly, this never happened during the beta--I guess it's not quite ready to go live yet, which alarms but unfortunately doesn't quite surprise me, given RIM's recent track record with veering outside their core competency.

    Sorry to be negative, but I'll probably hold off on actually paying for BBM Music until I can verify it's been fixed in the next software release.

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