1. r0bem's Avatar
    i got a case for my 9630. but it doesnt seem to fit all the way in and the magnet isnt secure.

    my case looks like this Amazon.com: OEM (Original) Vertical Leather Case Pouch with Swivel Belt Clip for ATT Blac...: Cell Phones & Accessories

    are all cases like that on all the bb's like that?
    01-02-11 01:59 AM
  2. Thud Hardsmack's Avatar
    Is it a little tight? If yes, I'd consider that normal; all the leather cases I've ever bought had were really snug when I first started using them, but stretched out soon enough. the magnet problem, that would bother me if it wasn't staying closed. The case for my old Pearl had a good magnet, that one made a nice satisfying sound when it closed; took a few fingers to separate and remove device from case. The one for my S2 seemed very weak in comparison, it just holds the flap down. Can't hold itself up on the fridge, and makes no noise when it closes (slowly). I put my S2 in it, walked over to the couch, and put some effort into trying to launch my S2 out of the case onto the couch. It didn't come out, so I just shrugged and passed it off as that's the way they're made.

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    01-02-11 03:12 AM
  3. r0bem's Avatar
    well yea its tight, but ive had the case for about 3 months now. cant say that ive used it all the time, but ive used it for about a good month if you count the time it was actually used.
    01-02-11 07:19 AM