10-19-10 11:35 AM
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    I just posted a thread about using a case on your phone and trying to find a good holster. I got an old curve one at walmart that puts it to sleep and no forcing in and out.
    I came from a curve(8310), my OEM leather pocket pouch(I guess that's what it's being called now) wouldn't put my torch to sleep. The magnets didn't line up, I noticed that the magnet for the curve was in the middle of the case and the torch sensor is near the top, It didn't fit all the way down in to the case and it didn't put the phone into sleep mode.
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    use a 8300 leather BB case it does the trick

    cheap and it fits perrrrrrfect
    10-19-10 07:16 AM
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    Had the same problem. Took a lighter to it - Just have the flame barely touch the threads and it singes them perfectly! No more loose threads.
    Thanks -- worked like a charm. Well, there's a teeny tiny prickly burr sticking out now as a result of the threads being melted down, but I can live with that.

    Re: alternative leather pockets such as the one for the Curve, etc. -- while waiting for the OEM Torch pocket to come out, I bought and was using the OEM Storm pocket since the Storm is more or less the same size.

    However, to pull the Torch out of that pocket -- and I assume out of any other non-Torch pocket of similar size -- one has to pinch the top of the phone, essentially pressing the slider and bottom parts together. You can't do that with the Torch pocket -- you can only pull it out by grasping the sides.

    I'm wondering if that's for a reason, such as it not being good for the Torch to pinch the slider and bottom part together. In fact, my device was completely wobble-free for the first week -- then it started wobbling right after I started using the Storm pocket. COINCIDENCE??? I have no idea.
    10-19-10 11:35 AM
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