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    Yesterday i finally found a car charger for my 8310 that was priced affordably so i bought it. I also have a home charger, and the PC charger cable. The weird thing is this......i have never allowed the phone to discharge lower than half way ever since i've had it (8 months). So i decide to let it do a discharge cycle.....then i plug the phone in to the home charger last night, and let it charge over night like i usually do. This morning, no charge....hmmmm. So i unlpug it, plug it back in and the little battery symbol changes to the lightning bolt icon for a second then goes back to the battery icon...hmmm number 2. Okay, i think, chargers do go bad so i figured thats what heppened. I hook up the usb charger cable that is hooked up to my pc and the same friggin thing happens.......I finally say **** on it, i have to leave for work. Just for giggles, i hook up the new car charger on the way to work and whadda ya know, IT works....... I am confused. why would the 2 chargers i have always used not work and a new charger that i have never used before work? Any ideas?
    06-22-09 07:27 AM