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    I often work remotely from home, but participate in customer and vendor facing conference calls. I have dogs, and I am looking for a headset solution that will isolate my voice and screen out the sounds of their barking.

    I have tried various noise-cancelling solutions, all of which work reasonably well for steady sounds, like in the car or near an air conditioner, but do nothing for loud, brief sounds.

    Money is always a consideration, but I'm willing to spend into the hundreds for a solution. I've tried TheBoom, which did nothing for barking dog sounds, I've tried throat mics, which almost work but leave my voice so muddled that it's useless in a professional situation, and I've tried at least a half-dozen different headsets that claim to do noise-cancellation or voice-isolation, but again, they all seem designed to mask out steady sounds like wind noise or crowds, and not intermittent bursts of sound.

    I'm willing to wear a large headset, it doesn't have to be wireless, but I'm unable to locate any other options, and am hoping somebody here has found a solution.

    Please note that circumstances to not realistically allow me to isolate myself from the potential sound of barking, so I am specifically looking for suggestions related to headsets/headphones/microphones that are able to isolate my voice and/or block out dogs barking.

    01-25-11 11:16 AM
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    01-25-11 02:13 PM
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    Thanks, looks very interesting. Do you (or anyone) have any hands-on experience with it in an environment with sharp noises like dogs barking, babies crying, etc, and can share your experiences?


    01-25-11 02:30 PM
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    I've had an original Jawbone for 3 years. The battery finally died. I haven't replaced it yet, but the NoiseAssassin is the best in the biz. ERA has NA3, so it should work quite well. Sorry I don't have anything more concrete for ya.
    01-25-11 03:22 PM