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    As initially discussed in another thread, here is a collection of ~5000 pictures from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day archive. I used the same process to procure the images (a custom ahk script to rip the images to my local storage) and the sames tools to convert the original (sometimes extremely-)large files down to what is contained in the linked archive below.

    The file is a 7-zip archive (7-zip is available here).

    Archive File Name: 320x240 NASA APOD Wallpapers.7z 533 MB (559,083,920 bytes)

    Composite Thumbnail

    Upon review of the composite thumbnail (shows 165 thumbnails - a small illustrative sampling), you'll note that some of the images present to be duplicates. The original source had both an image that was formatted for good web-viewing, and also the original unaltered image. I felt it appropriate not to go removing either, but rather just re-size both and let you folks decide which works best for your use.

    Enjoy, folks.

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    Good day, folks. I replaced the files that were deleted from SendSpace and replaced with a file hosted on my DropBox account. It should be there for the duration.

    Take care.

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