1. r.santa1's Avatar
    Really happy so far w T-mobile coverage...3G and Edge.

    Coming off over a year and a half w blk ATT 9700..3 different ones due to replacement.

    I ordered a free refurb from ATT which came and had a really crooked screen. 2nd one had a badly recessed track pad..sent back.

    Decided to try t mobile white 9700 and canceled my 9700 w ATT.

    #1 plus is clear voice quality over ATT voice having a white noise in the background (not dropped call problem)

    #2 UMA is awesome

    I do not browse much, just loads of email, bbm's, texts so i really dont care much if on EDGE or 3G. Great 3G even in Boise and Couer d'alene

    Mostly do not use the seido case as i like it naked but it is good to have for going to the river or pool or mtn biking etc.

    White Rules!!!
    06-24-10 11:49 PM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    Looks good but i think it looks better with the black around the LCD instead of the white.
    06-25-10 08:03 AM
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    I also have t-mobile. I went into the store last week wanting a white 9700, but ended up getting the black. I wasn't expecting the white to be so pearly. But now that I have the black one, I cannot find a case that I like. No color combo looks good to me. So I'm starting to think that it's not the case, but the color of the phone that I'm disliking. (before this phone I had an 8520 in frost)

    I need to like the way my phone looks! I know t-mobile will let me return and switch to white if I pay a restocking fee.....

    Any suggestions on what would look good with black? I just really don't want to have to deal with ANOTHER pin & switching all of my apps if I don't have to...
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    06-29-10 02:49 AM