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    I'm new to the blackberry world switching over from a PDA user and much much happier. I love the Pearl - a huge improvement over my Samsung i730... And navigation is so much easier than with PPC.

    So, what are the must-have accessories? First, I need some kind of protective case in case the phone falls out of my pocket or I brush up against a wall... But at the same time, I would like relatively fast access at it and keep it as small as possible. I already have bluetooth (but haven't figured out how to get the wireless headset to act as the sound output for mp3s, only phone calls).

    Are there other things you cant live without?
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    11-21-07 11:35 AM
  2. a3quit4s's Avatar
    the Video won't work without the microsd installed...so microsd is a must have!
    11-21-07 03:03 PM
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    Oh yeah, I did scoop up a 2GB microSD from Best Buy for about $25 about two weeks ago.

    Also, any particularly good sources for free or cheap software, which are friendly for the browser? Mobile.Blackberry.com was a huge disappointment, IMHO.
    11-21-07 07:49 PM
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    for protection i use one of three case types. I have a sliicone rubber skin which slips on and off easily but protects the berry from most roughhandling and the occasional short drop...

    I always have a screen protector...(i like the peel and stick Fellowes brand kind)

    I have a plastic holster that works with a berry with a skin on it from seidioonline.com

    and i bought a leather case from sena case that i really like that has the magnet that puts it in sleep mode...

    I have NEVER used the leather "sheath" thingy that came with it... blah

    i would like to get the hard plastic skin when someone releases it for the 8130... (it should also work with my holster...)

    and otter box is currently making one for the 8130 (they have one for the 8100 and it should be out by spring) if you need THAT level of protection...

    The microsd is a must of course...

    a lot of people like the power station...I dont have one...but I did by a spare battery but never swap it...

    11-21-07 08:16 PM
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    I have a sweet blackberry holter with that magnet and then when the hard plastic cases (really just frames the Pearl) comes out, i'm gonna get that. It should work with my case.

    I'm gonna download that patch dealio that i hear is supposed to help with downloading games and apps. Once that is done, get some games and the software to convert movies. For me, those are must haves.
    11-21-07 09:59 PM
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    Hi DaddyBear,

    Which Sena case did you get? I purchased the magnetic flipper case but it isn't right for the Verizon 8130 which has it's camera and buttons a little different from other carriers' Pearls. When I called Sena they said they weren't making a case for Verizon's 8130.
    11-22-07 06:53 AM
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    i got the case for the 8100. it is just a slide in case (leather) with clip and sleepy magnet...

    camera position is irrelevant...

    however...the case was a little snug...ok...very snug... (im not sure but i think the pearl 8130 is a hair bigger...)
    so...rather than send it back i decided to take matters into my own hands...

    it was really difficult to get in and out in was so tight...but its leather...so...

    i took a stack of index cards....
    cut them a hair bigger than my pearl (by eyeball... i laid the pearl on an index card traced it...cut it out...and laid that one on the stach and traced that with a razor until i cut through twenty or thirty (i didnt count whatever was as thick as the pearl...)
    then i stuck them into the pouch and threw it into my desk drawer and forgot about it for a couple of days...

    when i remebered it (duh oh yeah thats what i did with it...) i pulled it out removed the index cards and voila.... fits like it was made for it.. (i call it the shoe tree approach...)

    is this more work than necessary for a phone accessory to work...goodness yes... did i like the case enough to not send it back (hassle) throw it away (uhhhhn no...).. so i fixed it.. i love it... it is small...sleeek..and comfortable

    the plastic holster that works with my silicone skin sticks way out and can snag my clothes...

    the only downside to this is i cant use the sena and a skin so...be careful...

    i will post the link to the one i got...


    here's yer sign:
    11-22-07 07:22 AM
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    db - Can you give me a link to the skin you were talking about? Seidioonline is saying it is "coming soon" and the skin in the store here doesn't look like what you were talking about. I just dont want to buy something that isn't going to work, especially considering how expensive it is (I'm used to buying a $15 case and maybe a travel charger!).

    How interchangeable are 8100 and 8130 accessories (I saw your story about the case).

    Has anyone tried buying skins and such from Ebay?
    11-22-07 09:05 PM
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    matt...verizon has them in black, clear and pink,...

    blackberrysource.com has them in like ten more colors...

    I got blue and orange to go with the black... they have white, green, two kinds of red, blue, orange, etc..

    ill post a link...

    BlackBerry 8130 Accessories, BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Accessories, BlackBerry Accessories, Blackberry 8130 cases, BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Cases, BlackBerry 8130 holsters

    8100 and 8130 accessories arent really interchangeagle because of the camera position....
    11-23-07 05:57 AM