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    Hey folks,

    There was no section for music so I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone knows the answer.

    I just picked up a bb torch 9800 and I want to put all my mp3s over to it which is no problem at all however, with bb 6.0, album art should be showing. I'm wondering if anyone knows the proper way to link a album cover to a song so that it shows up in the new bb 6.0 os. I've been trying to edit the tag so that the proper cover shows with the song and on my computer (windows) it shows correctly but once copied to the phone it shows a different cover (or no cover at all). Very frustrating. All songs are .mp3 format and all cover albums are .jpg format.

    ***** thread can be deleted. Found solution... sadly it is to install itunes, an apple product, to fix a blackberry one *******
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