1. usulsuspct's Avatar
    I have a Bold 9700 and an Otterbox Commuter - which I think is a great case except for one shortcoming. The charging pod is in my opinion a great accessory for this phone however the Otterbox covers the charging connectors. I know Seidio makes a case and charging pod combo however I already have the Otterbox and dont necessarily want to drop the money to buy a new case. What I am wondering is if it would be possible to cut the Otterbox case to expose the charging contacts and then use it with the Seidio charging pod.

    Has anyone tried this? Do you think it would work? It seems to be that the soft portion of the Otterbox is what is covering the contacts and you may be able to use a razor and remove some material.

    Just an idea...
    06-06-10 08:02 PM
  2. siradam134's Avatar
    i'd love to be able to charge it in a pod....but it would make the back of the otterbox look horrible...
    06-18-10 11:00 PM
  3. usulsuspct's Avatar
    I agree it wouldn't look great, but the ability to charge in a dock sure would be nice!

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    06-18-10 11:06 PM