1. crackostorm's Avatar
    Hi Guys! Long time reader, first time asking a help question. My question could be pretty simple though, not sure.

    Are the connections for any of these the same as the Storm? (Iphone, PSP, Zune, Nokia, Samsung, Itouch, and LG cellphone). The reason I ask is because I am considering getting an M1 micro projector from Aaxa tech and their website says that it can connect to all of those devices specifically ( here is where I read that: AAXA M1 Micro Projector - LCoS Hand-held Mini Projector - LED Pocket Projector ). I have a storm and would like to use it with the M1 but it isn't listed. Am I safe to assume that with that many different types of connections that something is bound to work with my blackberry? I mean, I may get one anyways. I can definitely put it to good use, but it would be a must have if I can find a way to connect it to my phone.

    Here is a pic with the side connections I found online if it helps...

    Anyone seen this done before? Thanks!
    05-28-10 04:27 PM
  2. Pahlm's Avatar
    Check out the Blackberry Presenter on ShopBlackberry.com

    Since the AAXA M1 has a VGA port it's perfect for pairing with the Presenter for mobile presentations. I've been looking at the AAXA and Optoma's new units for doing mobile presentations as well. I'm probably going to have a laptop with me for most occasions, but having this option finally available for the Blackberry is fantastic.
    07-01-10 03:32 PM
  3. shankeith's Avatar
    the only presenter that will work with the BBs are the BB Presenter, this wont work because the AAXA doesnt have an app for BB to pull what you see on the BB and put it on to the wall
    07-06-10 11:11 PM
  4. Pahlm's Avatar
    hmm.. my understanding is the Presenter has a VGA and S-Video output... so anything devicce that has either one of those inputs (tv, projector, monitor, etc), which the AAXA projector he's talking about has both, can display anything being outputted by the Presenter.

    I don't have one myself... can someone confirm this?
    07-12-10 06:21 PM