1. OhmEye's Avatar
    Any leather case fans out there? After a couple years with my Curve, I just stepped up to Bold and need a new case. I have been using a case like this one for my curve and love it, but unfortunately the Bold is too loose to make it work. Wondering if I should go for the same brand, but first wanted to find out if there was something else out there that you have fallen in love with.
    07-27-10 06:15 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Just do not use a sheath case. It will loosen the logo piece below the space bar. 743 on AT&T, VVM working?
    07-27-10 10:55 PM
  3. tjioer's Avatar
    I love Beyza Cases Leather Cases by Beyza Cases | Apple iPhone Cases, Apple iPod Cases, Blackberry Cases, HTC Cases, Palm Treo Cases, Nokia Cases, Sony Ericsson Cases, HP iPaq Cases, Samsung Cases, Nintendo Cases.

    Hand-made leather from Turkey, amazing quality & stitching, and it has LED slots so you don't miss anything. They also send by courier so you'll get them within 3 days.
    07-28-10 12:53 AM
  4. rockyroad55's Avatar
    Just get the leather pocket, the one with the metal berry logo from the crack store.

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    07-28-10 01:01 AM
  5. OhmEye's Avatar
    Just do not use a sheath case. It will loosen the logo piece below the space bar. 743 on AT&T, VVM working?
    Not sure about VMM. Honestly I'm not even sure of what it is yet. Imagining it's kind of like what my wife has with her iPhone. Is it something that costs extra from AT&T? Whatever it is, seems to be a known issue with 743, probably get sorted out with the next OS.

    Is a sheath case like what comes with the Bold? Trying to figure out what might catch on that U shaped plastic piece. Definitely don't want that loosened. I like the format of the OEM case, where I can wear it horizontally on my belt with a magnetic strap over the top end of the phone. The Blue Harbor case is like that, but softer leather and a more form-fitting design. They're also inexpensive, thinking about getting two so I have a spare. eBay has some more expensive cases that I might try out.

    Those beyzacases look nice, but again looking for something I can clip horizontally to my belt. The crackberry store has some nice cases that look like they should work, but can you believe I'd rather not have the metal bling feature? I know, picky, picky. . .
    07-28-10 01:14 AM
  6. OhmEye's Avatar
    743 on AT&T, VVM working?
    Now you've got me all interested. I called AT&T rep and got vvm activated, no joy. Going to try this hybrid and see if I can't get it going.

    Wish me luck!
    07-28-10 03:43 AM
  7. OhmEye's Avatar
    vmm working now! That's a lot more convenient than the old voicemail system!
    07-28-10 04:40 AM