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    Okay, I recently purchased the Krusell 95136. This is the correct Krusell side holster for the Blackberry Storm(if you want your phone to sit sideways). The phone fits inside the pouch very well. It is not a tight fit like the Krusell 94114. It is also not tall like the 94114 is. These are the two reasons why I didn't like the 94114. My phone would fit so tight inside the 94114, that I could get the phone out in time to answer a call. Plus, it was so big on my hip, it looked like a saddlebag. The 94114 was at least a half of an inch too tall. The design of the 95136 is similar to the 94114 except it doesn't have the extra storage for SIM cards, flash cards, or business cards(which is what I used it for).

    Unfortunately, Crackberry does not offer the 95136. So, I don't know if they can add this holster to there store or not. I don't know who to talk to for this.

    I picked mine from Amazon.
    02-17-09 11:40 PM