1. Tõnis's Avatar
    Do any of you have your keytone feature set to on? How about your trackball? Is it set to audible click or mute? I usually have both of these features disabled, but sometimes I turn on the clicking trackball feature. But I'm not sure why anyone would want the key tone feature to be on. That seems like it would drive anyone crazy.
    11-24-10 05:08 PM
  2. Sweet_n_Fierce's Avatar
    Tch, it would definitely drive me crazy! Both have been proven to waste valuable battery life though so it's best to have them turned OFF
    11-24-10 07:09 PM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    People with visual impairments might what an audible confirmation of key presses and trackball movements. Just a thought.
    11-24-10 08:36 PM