1. neef's Avatar
    My Gray 8320 took a dump on me. Got a hold of a nice Gold one. Was without my BB for 5 hours today with my main artist flying out for a V-day performance with flight delays!!

    Anyways, as I sit here watching my gold 8320 get the new OS installed i was admiring the new clear hard shell case I bought for it.

    Speck is the brand...Very high quality and very sleek still. Has a nice piece over the screen as well. Paid $10 at a Tmobile store.

    I never knew how much the BB was under appreciated when i was out a phone and this all happened during my iPhone stage. Which by the way I used for 5 mins and decided it wasnt for me.

    Just wanted to share my excitement for the day!
    02-13-08 10:57 PM
  2. hmj5009's Avatar
    I love the gold! Enjoy

    And thanks for the case reccomendation, I've been looking for one with a screen protector.

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    02-14-08 12:43 AM