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    This is by far the best case I have ever had. Plus it works in my seidio sleep holster as well (that I had for my 8330). The sleep mode works like a charm. It worked right off the bat but the sides hit the sides of the commuter. A little dremel work on the seidio and it's perfect now.
    I did not use the screen protector that came with the Otterbox. I re-used the verizon privacy screen protector that I bought on clearance for my 8330. It came right off and went perfectly on my 8530!

    Anyway, I llike the defender and may eventually get one but the commuter seemed just perfect for what I need now. I really like it. Plus, Otterbox as a company and their service is by far some of the best I have ever seen with any company!

    I do want to add that I think that Otterbox is really missing out by not offering a holster/clip that works with the case. In my opinion that would be a completely winning combination! The defender is nice but huge, the commuter is just right!
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    01-27-10 05:55 PM
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    I agree if they had a belt clip with a sleeper function I think the commuter would sell more than it already has.

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    01-27-10 11:41 PM
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    I just got a Commuter for my 8530 as well. I absolutely love it. I had one for my iPhone, as well as an Impact, and much preferred the Commuter. I like them so much, that I probably won't buy another phone unless Otterbox makes a case for it

    I ordered mine from ebay, seller's name is let_me_sell_that_for_you. Ordered Friday morning, free shipping from Washington state to Ohio, and received it Saturday. Amazing!
    02-13-10 11:26 PM