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    My Jabra BT620s bluetooth stereo headset was connecting fine to my Torch. There was a clear, consistent signal with no skipping. Then suddenly music began to skip, even though my Torch was just a couple of feet away.

    I tried disconnecting the Jabra and doing a battery pull but that didn't fix the problem. Then the headset just stopped connecting with stereo. I could do handsfree and I could even control the music player, but there was no music coming out. Finally, most recently, I can't even control the music. All I get is handsfree now.

    I've tried recharging the headset, charging for 5-10 seconds and then pulling the wire, and updating the firmware. I can't update the firmware because the program doesn't see to detect the headset when it plugged in via USB (I have Win7 64bit).

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I liked the headset a lot and I can't really go out and drop another 100$ on a bluetooth stereo headset.
    12-05-10 08:25 PM