1. nzero's Avatar
    I haven't dug too deep into this. However what i have noticed from my storm is that there are 3 layers of wallpapers loaded at the same time... assuming that maybe this is the reason why the storm is a bit laggy when getting to homescreens.

    Although only the top layer shows (last layer), here is what I am assuming is loaded at same time:

    layer 1 : Original Storm wallpaper (the one with the lightening bolt)
    Layer 2: Carrier wallpaper (in my case the Telus wallpaper)
    layer 3: Custom wallpaper (What shows up always and is suppose to be static).

    So here is a bit more info on how i came up with this;

    I have noticed that at times when i navigate to and from the homescreen as it loads, i see parts of the OEM wallpaper (layer1) before my custom wallpaper fully displays. This only happens sometimes when its laggy.

    Also when i plug in my phone to PC because of the mass storage mode, the custom wallpaper gets replaced by the telus one right away (as if the telus one was already loaded and displaying behind the custom one the entire time).

    I am on OS .76 and i have gotten rid of the sample wallpapers/pics and deleted:
    Assuming that the above were carrier branded wallpaper.. however my carrier branded wallpaper still pops up when i plug into PC w/ DM.
    01-27-09 01:58 PM
  2. graymulligan's Avatar
    the reason the telus pops up is because your custom wallpaper is on your memory card. (guessing) the berry can't access media on the card when it's plugged into USB, so if you're using wallpaper from there, that might do it.

    Move your custom wallpaper to device memory, and try connecting...see if it kills off the telus screen. (again, it's a guess, but it seems logical)

    On the other wallpaper being underneath? I've seen the lightning background on a spot or two when I'm between apps or rotating the screen while switching apps on occasion. Doesn't bug me, but it's definetely there.
    01-27-09 02:10 PM
  3. nzero's Avatar
    My custom wallpaper is loaded on device memory under /pictures/wallpaper/. I thought that one of the 2 files i deleted from OS also contained the Telus wallpaper. So that should not even have been showing. But regardless it's not the issue in this case. I wanted to just share the experience of what i noticed.
    01-27-09 02:16 PM