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    I just bought the RIM Holster for my Torch 9800 and I want to add the InvisibleSHIELD Blackberry Torch 9800 Full Body Protector for my phone.

    My question is: Will I still be able to put the phone in the hostler with the full body protection on it? Or the phone will be too thick?

    Thank you for your feedback.
    12-05-10 12:29 PM
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    Hey, I currently have the invis shield max protection on my torch. It's a little tough to slide the device in the holster but once it's in it's fine. The more you put it in and take it out the more form fitting it becomes.

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    12-05-10 12:41 PM
  3. overkill's Avatar

    I Have the AGF case and use my BB Holster that I used for my 8310 Curve.
    It is snug sliding in and the magnetic flap needs to relearn where to bend but it works. Only thing is the magnet doesnt quite match up perfectly, but the phone is snug enough that you dont need to worry about it sliding out on its own. Just make sure you push the phone in by the top of the body and slider to make sure it is all the way down in and pull it out by both sides of the phone so you dont put undo stress on the face/slider.

    I may buy a new holster one of these days but this one still works fine for me. I dont have a problem with the way it fits.

    edit: to clarify, the magnet still does it's job holding the flap down, just not quite as strong since it isnt perfectly lined up with the other side. And, the phone fits snug and slides in fine, not so hard you have to force it in.
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    12-05-10 12:49 PM
  4. hboutin's Avatar
    I have the same combo as you want and it works fine. It will seem a little tight at first, but the holster will loosen up after a while. The only thing I noticed today was that the lining of my holster started to unglue itself. I bought mine from Crackberry store, it was great while it worked ( but now I will have to go back to my old one for my 8900.
    12-05-10 06:43 PM